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NetEnt Live BlackjackReview

A lot of poker players like other card games like Blackjack. Many tend to find the online poker strategy and style compliment Blackjack. Though NetEnt has become one of the biggest names in the online casino industry, they are the new entrants in the live dealer tables. Because they are still newbies, they are into only two games in the live dealer version. But that does not mean that they did not do it right. In fact, it is the case of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ with them. Though they are quite late as compared to other casinos, their live dealer version of Blackjack in HD streaming is quite impressive. The quality is one thing no one can question when it comes to this gaming giant.

The streaming and video quality are very good. I enjoyed playing the game very much. The layout is simple, and the players get only the bottom part of the screen. But when it comes to the overall experience, I don’t think it matters as much.

Live Blackjack

How to Play NetEnt Live Blackjack

Here I have explained step-by-step how to play Live Black. Check them out below:
• As you load the Live Black screen, you will need to select a place for yourself on the table out of the available ones. You just have to click on the one you want.

• After taking your position on the table, you need to select the chip value from the five options available.

• Now, you need to place your bet on the Live Black table.

• After all, players have made their bets; the dealer will deal the cards to all the active players.

• Look at the cards dealt with you, and then decide what you want to do – Hit, Stand, Split or Double.

• One of the best features of this game is that the dealer will remind you when you can split or double.

• After all, this is done, wait for the dealer to open his cards, and the money is transferred to the winners’ account automatically.

How to Win NetEnt Live Blackjack

The NetEnt Live Blackjack has seven spots on every table. And you can obviously play the game of blackjack as usual. Apart from that, there are additional features in Live Black. The game screen shows the last ten hands of the dealer on the top right corner and also shows the percentage of his winnings. The screen also shows the recent busts, blackjacks and the percentage of winnings and lost games of the other players on the last hand. All these info gives a statistical advantage if you know how to calculate your winning turn and place a bet accordingly.

NetEnt Live Blackjack

NetEnt Live Blackjack Game

The game developers have done their best to give the feeling of a proper casino table with this game. They have even branded the blackjack table as land-based casinos do. The table also offers cross-platform promotions like giving out free spins on slot games. The live version is available on mobiles also, giving you the option of playing on the go. One more thing that I loved is that the game has dealers who can speak in 5 different languages like Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian and English. But that is just dealers; the game supports 24 languages. I don’t think there is anything left that players could ask for.

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