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Live Three Card Poker Review

The Live Three Card Poker is one of the most popular online poker games on the internet, and this type of game is played by experts and beginners at the same time. It all begins with the dealer giving you a card. Keep in mind that this is a live game, meaning that the actual person from Riga, Latvia will be your dealer. Other players are real people as well.

Three Card Poker is played with a single deck, it has multiple cameras at your disposal, and it can be played on tablets and smartphones. In essence, the Live Three Card Poker is ready to be played regardless of the fact which platform or a device you want to use. Additionally, you will want to know that random shuffle isn’t allowed, but side bets are.

Win Live Three Card Poker

How To Play Live Three Card Poker

The game is based on old, well-known poker, so rules are mostly known. It will begin with a player placing an Ante, or an initial bet. After that, a dealer will place a bet as well. He must have a Queen or a higher card to continue the game. If he has a lower card, he will lose, and a player wins both wagers. Play and Ante bets are 1:1, so you can get a clear picture of the winning.

Three Card Poker is also appreciated due to the fact two side wagers are available. In this case scenario, you will be able to win a bonus or better known as ante bonus. It will be determined by Three Card Poker game itself and the amount of wagers. Here we must add that even if you lose you will get the onus in question. To win it you will need three of a kind, straight flush or straight.

How To Win Live Three Card Poker

The first thing you will have to know here is that Straight is stronger than Flush in this version of poker. Also, you will definitely want to get a 6 card bonus side wager, which can be anywhere between 7:1 and 1.000:1, so the winning is impressive. Also, pair plus wagers are desirable as well. They will range between 1:1 and 100:1, so they will help you win the game as well.

Both of these are bonuses which are characteristic for the game in question, and they are real changers of the game itself, simply because winnings will be maximized in no time at all.

 Live Three Card Poker slot

As you can see, the Live Three Card Poker game is more than just popular. It offers the main advantages of the online gaming, and it is easy to play, with the help of impressive bonuses. Of course, you will enjoy the ability to stream the high-quality game in no time at all, thanks to fast servers the game uses. Also, this is a fast-paced game, so it is more than desirable by those who want to win the game quickly. And yes, winning is 1000:1 so most players will benefit from the game. We suggest using some poker software training systems to improve you game whilst playing. Check our review page on the best poker software currently available.


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